How to deal with PDF standards errors?

Adobe is currently working on standardising the PDF format, making that PDF files that don’t adhere to the standards or are below them, will not be able to open. This might make the files inaccessible, resulting in loss of data. Lets see how to do away with these issues.

The Portable Document File (PDF) format is one of the most widely used file format in the world after Microsoft Word. The format is great for storing and transfering information in an organisation as the file is compatible with almost every reader and editor software. Viewing PDF files is also easy, be it online or on a physical system. For example, users that don’t have any reader document installed on their system, can view them online using Google Docs, which is a cloud based document creating, editing and viewing service from search engine Google. The software suit also allows users to recover PDF files that are not opening on the computer software. Furthermore, the file format is one of the most secure file formats to store information on. People using PDF files to store valuable and sensitive information can protect the document from being opened by unauthorised persons by adding password protection to the document. PDF file format, which was first introduced by Adobe in 1993, is designed to allow users to store extremely large amounts of data, which can be easily transferred via email or removable storage devices, allowing a large number of people work on the same or different PDF files at the same time. This ease of use has resulted in almost everyone creating and sharing files in this format. However, errors in PDF files occur when users create them using software other than Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is because with every new version of Adobe Reader, the company is trying to set standards for creating PDF files. Earlier, these errors did not occur as there was less standardising of the file format. These errors can be very frustrating as they make the file inaccessible. Then the need to recover PDF files arises. Errors also occur when the PDF file is not created properly. If the file is created using Adobe software, then it would up to the standards prescribed by Adobe, however, if created using duplicate software, then the files might pose some problems. Most of the time, when such errors occur, software either fails to open the file or opens a blank document. Some of the most common errors that users have to deal with are “Too few operands” or “’An unrecognized token was found”. They occur when the file is not upto the standards. If the PDF file shows errors while opening, it means that the file has got corrupted. If users are using the latest version of the Adobe Reader software, then they can try to open the file using a different software. They can also try to open the file using older versions of the Adobe Reader software. PDF files also tend to not open when they are sent via email as an attachment. In order to prevent this, try sending the PDF file in a zip file, it eliminates the risk of the PDF file getting corrupted. Meanwhile, in order to recover PDF files, users can also use the DataNumen PDF Repair software from DataNumen.

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