How to Create an About Form in MS Access

This article addresses an effective method using which users can easily create an About Form in MS Access.

We always recommend users to create an About Form, during the installation of Microsoft Access Application project. A typical About Form is used for displaying a customized Logo, name, copyrights information, and version number of the project, including other details, which a user wants to add about his form. About Form can be considered as a basic description of a project.  Create An About Form In MS Access

It is easy to create an About Form. Users need to display the two control labels, including the application name, details, version number and copyrights information. Companies can even add their logo on their form to give their MS Access database a unique identity.

Steps to Create an About Form in MS Access

Step 1: First the user needs to open their Microsoft Access Application.

Step 2: Open and click on ‘Blank Form’ to create a new About Form.

Select The Property Value Of Width Of The FormStep 3: Now users need to select the property value of Width of the Form, to their desired size or 3.93.

Step 4: Click on the Form’s Detail Section and select it.

Step 5: Users need to set the form Height property value to the ideal size, which is 1.53″.

Step 6: Users can insert an image in their About Form, by selecting the Image Control, located on their Form’s left side and browse through and select the image from the computer.

Step 7: Now users need to set the Image properties as follows:

  • Picture Tiling: No
  • Size Mode: Zoom
  • Picture Alignment: Center
  • Picture type: Embedded

Step 8: Now add the Label control on the top of form and the right of the project logo. You can re-size according to the space required for writing the application name.

Step 9: Now enter the project name in Caption Property, the user can also change the font size and the alignment of the text.

Step 10: Crete one more Label Control, right below the first label, to enter the project version number in the form.

Step 11: Add a Textbox, under these labels, and change its text designing like the above label.

Step 12: Now user needs to enter the Copy Rights Information in the forms Control Source Property.

Step 13: Go to Text box’s property value and change them to:

  • Border Style: Transparent
  • Text Align: Center
  • Enabled: No
  • Locked: Yes
  • Tab Stop: No

Step 14: Now go to Command Button, and change its settings according to your requirement.

Step 15: Open your About Form in a normal View, to get a preview.

If you want to make any changes in the form, you can review the setting and change it.

Step 16: Once the user has made these changes, he/she needs to save changes in the form.

Step 17: Open the Complete About Form again in Normal View.

Users can also add a customized menu in their project, which allows users to open and access the About Form. Or the user can add a command button on Project’s Main Form, which redirects the users to the About Form.

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