How to Back Up Your Files in Windows

The most effective way to secure your data is through making a backup. A backup is a copy of the original file stored in a different location for future restoration. This article highlights a few easy methods to create a backup for Windows files.

DataNumen Backup

There are several ways to back up your files on Windows depending on the Windows version you’re using. The easiest one is probably using a reliable data backup tool. There are also some manual methods as we shall see below.

 The most important thing to remember when backing up your files is that the backup should not be on the same drive as the original file. Here are some of the steps you can take to create a backup.

Manually transfer files and settings to a removable media or network

You can use removable media like CDs, DVDs and flash drives to back up your Windows files and settings. For windows 7, XP, Vista and Server 2003:

  1. Open the start menu, select Computer and open the drive that Windows is installed in.
  2. Open the Users folder.
  3. Open the Users folder with the files you would like to Backup and select them.
  4. Right click and select copy.
  5. Paste in the removable storage you want to backup in.

Backing up using Backup and restore center

Note that when you use the backup and restore feature on Windows 7, the files can only be restored on a Windows 7 computer.

Using Windows 7

  1. Open the start menu and search for Backup and Restore in the search-box. Open it in the program list that appears.
  2. Below Backup or restore your files click setup backup.
  3. Choose the location of the files you want to backup and click Next.
  4. Finish the appropriate selections and then click Next or Save Settings and run backup.

Windows Vista

  1. Open the start menu and search Backup and restore in the search box. Select and open it in the program list that follows.
  2. Under Backup files or your entire computer, select Backup files.
  3. Select the location the backup will be stored in and click Next.
  4. Choose the disk(s) you want to backup and click Next.
  5. Choose the file type(s) you want to backup and click Next.
  6. Select Save Settings and start the backup.

Using the Easy Transfer feature to backup in another computer

You can use the Windows Easy Transfer feature to move your user account files and settings to a different computer as a form of backup.

From Windows 7 to Windows 7

To transfer your backup from a Windows 7 based computer to another Windows 7 computer:

  1. Click the start button in Windows 7 and search for Windows Easy Transfer in the search box.
  2. Open it and follow the instructions.

From Windows 7 to Windows Vista

  1. Insert Vista CD/DVD in a Windows 7 based computer.
  2. Click Exit on the Windows Vista setup.
  3. Open the start menu and click on computer.
  4. Open the CD/DVD by right-clicking on it and selecting Open.
  5. In the support folder, open the Migwiz folder.
  6. Double click the Migwiz.exe file to open it.
  7. Follow instructions.

Using Professional Backup Tool

A professional backup tool will also simplify the whole backup process. DataNumen Backup is such a tool that can be used in the daily backup. You can set up a backup profile and specify the source of data to be backed up on your computer, then you can perform the backup with a simple click of the button.

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