How to Auto Dismiss the Reminders of All Overdue Calendar Items when Starting Outlook

When a reminder pops up, if you don’t dismiss it, next time when you start Outlook, it will alert you again. Yet, if the reminder belongs to an overdue calendar item, you may think it isn’t really needful. So you wish Outlook to auto dismiss such reminders on its startup. Now, this article will teach you to realize it.

In the “Reminders” window, there is a “Dismiss” option, which not only removes the current reminder from the associated item but also closes the “Reminders” window. However, many users are accustomed to closes the window by clicking the “cross” icon in the right upper corner. It is indeed convenient, but it doesn’t remove the reminder. The next time when Outlook starts, the reminder will pop up as well. And if the reminder belongs to an overdue calendar item, it is surely useless. Therefore, many users want Outlook to auto dismiss the reminders of overdue calendar items when it starts up. In the followings, we’ll make this idea come true.

Auto Dismiss Reminders of Overdue Calendar Items when Starting Outlook

  1. At the very beginning, refer to “How to Run VBA Code in Your Outlook” post to launch Outlook VBA editor.
  2. Then, in the editor window, access the “ThisOutlookSession” project.
  3. Next, copy the following VBA code into this project.
'Auto run macro on Outlook Startup
Private Sub Application_Startup()
    Call DismissReminders_AllOverdueCalendarItems
End Sub

Sub DismissReminders_AllOverdueCalendarItems()
    Dim objReminders As Outlook.Reminders
    Dim objReminder As Outlook.Reminder
    Dim objCalendarItem As Outlook.AppointmentItem
    Dim dEnd As Date
    'Get all reminders in your Outlook
    Set objReminders = Outlook.Application.Reminders
    For Each objReminder In objReminders
        'If the reminder belongs to a calendar item
        If TypeName(objReminder.Item) = "AppointmentItem" Then
           Set objCalendarItem = objReminder.Item
           dEnd = objCalendarItem.End
           'If the calendar item is overdue
           If dEnd < Now Then
              'Dismiss the reminder
           End If
         End If
End Sub

VBA Code - Auto Dismiss Reminders of Overdue Calendar Items when Starting Outlook

  1. Since then, every time when you start your Outlook, it will automatically find out and dismiss the reminders of all overdue calendar items.Auto Dismissed Reminders

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