How DataNumen RAR Repair Compares with Competition

This article highlights how DataNumen RAR Repair tool compares to competitor applications in terms of performance, user experience, and recovery rate while giving reasons why you should invest in it.

DataNumen RAR Repair

Millions of consumers world over use WinRAR as an archival tool. Large files can be compressed into a small file, which makes it easy to save more data without the need to increase storage media. RAR files, just like other digital documents, can be corrupted. If this happens, you need a recovery tool to restore your files to their original format. One of such tools available in the market is the DataNumen RAR Repair software.

1.     Performance and Reliability

Data recovery is a critical exercise whose results can make or break a business. Most companies shut down operations and never reopen if they are unable to recover their critical data the first few days after a data loss event. It is therefore important for data recovery experts to invest in high-performance tools that allow them to restore their client’s data within a short time.

When compared with the leading recovery software for RAR files in the market, the DataNumen RAR Repair tool comes out as the most reliable software in its class. On average, it has a recovery rate of 91.33%. This is significantly above the score of the second-best tool, which has a recovery rate of 86.93%. What this means is that the DataNumen RAR Repair software allows you to recover more RAR files than any other tool in the market. This is a big plus for customers.

2.     Repair and recovery of Large RAR Files

The process of repairing and recovering large RAR files comes which challenges of its own. This is because not all tools in the market can handle large files. The good news is that while most tools have a limit of 4GB, the DataNumen RAR Repair tool can process files as large as 16777216 TB. This puts the software in a class of its own. With such a tool, data recovery experts can handle large projects with ease and deliver them within tight timelines.

3.     Design and User experience

Just like other DataNumen data recovery applications, this tool comes in a simple design that is easy to use and navigate through. Each tab on the user interface is labeled clearly with the attributed function so that users are not confused. Moreover, the software is optimized to function seamlessly in any Windows environment. This means that the DataNumen RAR Repair tool supports functions that are synonymous with Windows explorer. These functions include right-clicking and drag-and-drop.

It also supports searching for target files on your local computer and batch process operations. Unfortunately, most competitor applications do not support these functions. This makes the DataNumen RAR Repair software the best pick if you are looking to improve your productivity.


DataNumen RAR Repair is one of the top recovery tools for corrupt RAR files in the market. It stands out among competitor products in that it has a high recovery rate of 91.33%. It also comes in a simple design that is easy to navigate. This allows new users to interact with the tool with ease such that the learning curve is minimal. Its ability to process large files allows you to repair files of up to 16777216 TB. This is a big win especially if you are working with a big project. These features make the DataNumen RAR Repair software a great asset to data recovery experts.

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