How to Highlight the Meeting Responses with Proposals

After sending a meeting invitation, we’ll receive multiple meeting responses, some of which contain useful proposals. In order to figure out which responses carry texts, we can use the following method.

In my regular working, I need to send many meeting invitations to my colleagues on behalf of my leader. I’m also required to conclude and report the proposals to him. However, among quantities of emails, it’s difficult to find out the meeting receipts with proposals. In this situation, I think out a quick approach to highlight the meeting responses with texts. Here are minute instructions.

Use Conditional Formatting to Highlight the Meeting Responses with Texts

  1. At the very outset, head to “View” tab. In “Current View” ribbon, you should hit “View Settings” button. A new dialog box will arise. In it, you need to click “Conditional Formatting” button.Conditional Formatting
  2. Then another dialog box will show up, where you should press “Add” button to create a conditional formatting rule. And assign a name to it, such as “Meeting Responses with Texts”.Create a Conditional Formatting Rule for Meeting Responses with Texts
  3. After naming this rule, you should click “Condition” button to open the “Filter” window. You need to switch to “Advanced” tab.
  4. Next in “Field”, you need to type “Message Class”. Alternatively, you can select it from the dropdown list. And in “Condition”, choose “contains”. In “Value” field, enter “IPM.Schedule.Meeting.Resp”. Click “Add to List” button.
  5. Afterwards still in “Field”, enter “Message”. Choose “contains” in “Condition”. Then in “Value”, you need to enter the vowels – “a, e, i, o, u, y”. Press “Add to List” button as well.Two Conditions for this Rule
  6. Later click “OK” to back to “Conditional Formatting” dialog box. And hit “Font” button, which will bring out a new dialog. In it, you can set various highlight options in accordance with your preference, irrespective of font, size, color or effects and so on.Set Highlight Options
  7. Finally click a series of “OK” to return to Outlook Home page.

As soon as you complete the above operations, the all meeting responses which include texts will be in the set fonts. You can figure out them among a deluge of received emails with effortless ease.

Be Cautious of Malicious Attacks

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