How to Hide Selected Texts in Your Word

Hiding texts is an effective way to ensure privacy of certain texts in your Word. In this article, we will focus on a way to hide and show some selected word texts.

Word has many functionalities to safeguard the privacy of our Word documents. Of course, encryption is one way to guard privacy. However, sometimes, we may just wish to hide some of the Word text in a document. To hideaway certain writing in our Word documents is a useful skill in Word operations. Therefore, we will then introduce how to hide and show certain texts in your Word.

Hide the Selected Texts

  1. Select the texts that you want to hide in your Word document.
  1. Under “Home” page, click the button on the right of “Font” to unfold more options. You can also achieve it by selecting “Font” by using the right click of mouse.Select “Font”
  1. In the subsequent dialogue box, tick the “Hidden” checkbox, and then click “OK”.Tick the “Hidden” checkbox

Upon doing so, we have successfully set the selected texts as invisible. And the selected texts are therefore hidden from the pages. In next section, we will further look at how to visualize the hidden texts in Word.

Show Hidden Texts on Your Screen

  1. Switch to “File” page, and select “Options”.Select “Options”
  1. Select “Display” tab in the following pop up window. Tick the “Hidden text” checkbox and then click ”OK”.Tick the “Hidden text” checkbox
  2. Therefore, we can see the hidden text highlighted with a dotted line below, which tells hidden texts from normal texts.See the hidden text

Unhide Hidden Texts

Now we have been able to see the hidden texts on the pages. Then, how can we cancel the “Hidden” option in our Word? To completely get rid of the “Hidden” function, just select the targeted texts, and click the tick before “Hidden” checkbox under “Font” page, then you can cancel the “Hidden” functionality.Unhide hidden texts

Be cautious of Word Corruption

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