Harness the Collaborative Power of Outlook – Quick Tips

Over the years the Ms Outlook themail client has been used by teams to collaboratively work on projects or engage with customers and other stakeholders. The Outlook application is laden with collaborative features which used intelligently can significantly improve the productivity of a team. In this article we would look at several ways to use Outlook to collaborate with others.


Collaborating Under the Microsoft Exchange Environment

When you are looking to manage projects through Outlook, it can be best achieved under a Microsoft exchange environment, typically available in most companies that use Outlook as their default email client. To start with you can create a shared calendar and distribute it amongst your team members. Before sending out the request, please ensure that you have ticked the option which requests for permission to view the recipient’s calendar. Now once the shared calendar is in place you can create the schedule for the project including creating specific milestones. Moreover you can color code to your preference so that important dates can be viewed at a quick glance.

Once the schedule is in place you can create shared tasks and assign them to specific set of people. Moreover tasks can be observed by the respective teams with ease and one can view all the pending tasks or overdue ones in a different color. Besides tasks, Outlook allows you check how much time a person is giving on a specific project using the Journal feature. Once a journal is activated it is rather easy for us for you to keep a track on the applications he is using and for what duration. Records of all email sent and received are duly tracked by the journal tool.


Use Outlook Forms to Invite Opinions

By using Forms in Outlook, questionnaires can be designed and shared amongst various people working on a project. Similarly forms can be used to collect online poles on a specific subject or take input on any aspect. Outlook forms come with several features and can be used to collect requests and even approve them if needed.


An Outlook Crash Can Risk the Task Lists and Journal Entries too

While working with Outlook to manage projects is an excellent idea, an Outlook crash can undo all the hard work you have done to track projects. Not only are your emails at risk but schedules stored in calendars, task lists and journal entries that track the effort made on a project can get lost due to an Outlook crash. Hence if you are using Outlook to manage business activities then you should immediately get hold of a pst recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. This versatile tool is adept at recovering compromised PST files from any media type and its powerful algorithm rarely ever fails to make a complete recovery. It also can be used to discover where the underlying PST files are located and its easy user interface comes across a boon for average Outlook users.


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