Finding the Cause of Data Errors

While it is always good to have a third party data recovery and repair solution on hand to get you back in business as fast as possible when problems occur, it is a good practice to also take the time to look into what created the problem in the first place. When it comes to issues like SQL data recovery or Outlook recovery, these are core sets of data that you cannot afford to have even temporarily unavailable. There are some common causes that can interrupt the integrity of your files; the most common is the 3rd party driver.Find data errors

Nothing is ever guaranteed

It can be frustrating, when you are doing SQL repair, to realize that everything you depend upon comes without a guarantee. From the operating systems to the programs you are running to firmware, no one is going to promise you that they will work 100% of the time. Not even Microsoft will guarantee their mainstay Office Suite programs from random problems. This is why things like repairing Outlook often involves built in tools. The expectation is less that things will work perfectly than that the system or program can recover from almost anything that can go wrong.

The same is true for SQL repair; the focus of the in-program tools is on fixing a problem and not preventing it from happening. Part of the reason for this lack of guarantee is that many major programs and systems rely on third party drivers to function. The majority of the data interruption comes from a failure in these drivers or an unforeseen conflict arising between the driver and another program on the computer.

Why do they depend on third party drivers?

Third party drivers are essential to a system because it would be next to impossible for a system to have all proprietary drivers installed. Technically, it is possible, but the high cost of development and the timeframe required to develop proprietary drivers is not going to make it a realistic choice for any company. Also, third party drivers allow for more customization by the computer brand and the user.

A good way to think about it is to consider the car you drive. You may have purchased a particular brand of car, but within the engine there may be parts made by four other companies. There is no need for everyone to have their own version of everything. It would be financially irresponsible and, also, would stand in the way of remaining competitive as it would add significant delay to the production process. By using third party drivers, a company can put out a new system faster.

The best way to address a driver problem

If in the process of recovering your data you identify that the originating issue came from a third party driver the simplest solution is to uninstall and reinstall that driver. This does not guarantee that the problem will not happen again, but it minimizes your risk. Installing a completely different driver is also an option, but that can open the door to a new set of failures.


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