Experiencing difficulty in reading Notes in Outlook that are long – try these tips

Reading long Notes in Outlook is a hassle in the absence of a scrollbar and we look at ways to overcome this difficulty

Experiencing difficulty in reading Notes in Outlook that are long – try these tips

It is a common sight to see that users who have got addicted to creating and reading Notes in Outlook jotting down an array of information in Notes. Generally such users tend to create longer Notes with all the detailed information regarding the subject at hand. However a peculiar aspect of Notes that stands out is that there is seemingly no scroll bar for an Outlook Note Window and at times it becomes extremely difficult for the user to read the Long Notes in Outlook. So, what exactly is the best cure or way out to read the long notes while working in MS Outlook? Well, in this article, we will be throwing light on this aspect of Notes and how to enlarge or maximize or view the notes in a better way with utmost ease, so read on!

As we just mentioned, the Notes Window in Outlook lacks a scrolling bar but even then there are ways to deal with the problem of difficulty in reading longer notes. There in fact, are three easy methods to solve this problem in Outlook Notes. Firstly, by Maximizing the Note Window, secondly, by Using Page Down/Page Up Key and lastly, by Enabling the Reading Pane. We will be discussing all these three methods one by one now.

The first and the easiest method to read longer notes with ease is by Maximizing the Note Window. This can be done by simply double clicking on the colored bar that appears between the Close (X) icon that appears on the top left hand side and the note icon available on the top left hand side. In case, you wish to minimize the note window, you can again double click the same bar again to resize it back to its original size that was there before maximizing.

Second method to read longer notes in Outlook is by Using the Page Down or Page Up Keys. Simply use the Page Up and Page Down Keys that are present on the keyboard to scroll towards the upwards and downwards in a fraction of seconds. Interestingly, using these keys is faster than using the arrow keys on the keyboard. You can try it once yourself and see the difference and believe us you will get used to using these shortcut keys.

Last method to tackle the problem of reading longer Outlook Notes is by Enabling the Reading Pane. Although, this method doesn’t provide you with a scroll bar, it still gives you a larger reading frame by default. Moreover, the efforts in double clicking that goes wasted in maximizing and minimizing are saved to some extent. You will be glad to know that the Page Up and Page Down Keys too work just well in the Reading Pane also. In order to open a Reading Pane for an Outlook Note Folder, just go to the View Tab and select the Reading Pane.

All these above mentioned methods are easy and addictive to use for those who can’t work without creating Notes in Outlook, particularly longer ones. So, just try these methods and we assume you will never face problem in reading longer notes.

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