Email Viruses are still there – Know how to stop them from coming through Ms Outlook

Even today, email borne viruses are continuing to spread and one must be careful that such emails do not come through Outlook and infect our systems.

Email Viruses are still there - Know how to stop them from coming through Ms Outlook

With newer forms of viruses coming to light every now and then, email viruses seem to have fallen of the radar for many of us. Yet viruses that make their way into our systems through email are still there. In fact more potent versions of them are coming to light. If you are using Ms Outlook then you must take steps to prevent your system from getting compromised by such viruses. Let’s look at some possible action points.

Avoid open attachments from unknown senders

As basic as it may sound, it is absolutely must that we avoid clicking on attachments in emails that have come to our Inbox from unknown senders. Even innocuous looking attachments which may seem like a PPT for an image file can contain a virus. Moreover if you come across an attachment file with an unknown extension, you should not even touch it by any means. Similarly you need to be careful of archive files.

Stop automatic downloading of images in Outlook

At times malicious entities send out mass emails which contain images that get automatically downloaded in Outlook emails. Such images are typically hosted on a remote server and when accessed allows malicious entities to confirm your email ID. You are then targeted by follow up emails which may contain spam or even viruses. In Outlook it is possible to block images contained in an email and you should do so without fail.

Avoid clicking on links in emails from suspicious senders

It is prudent to avoid clicking on links contained in an email from suspicious or unknown senders. Such links may be download links to payloads that can compromise your system. In fact it is advisable to disable links in Outlook.

Get a top of the line antivirus tool and enable email scanning

Often many users seem to overlook the need of investing in a top of the line anti-virus tool and tend to work with free options which do not offer complete protection. This is a risky approach that cost you dearly. Make it a point to get hold of a top of the line antivirus tool and enforce the email scanning option in it. This would ensure every single email entering your Outlook mailbox is scanned for threats.

If you are using Outlook for managing your business email, consider a proactive data backup and recovery strategy

The Ms Outlook application is prone to PST errors arising out of myriad of issues including virus attacks. To avoid getting jolted by a data loss situation, ensure you have a proactive data backup and recovery strategy in place. Weekly backup of your emails and contacts data would considerably mitigate the chances of data loss. Moreover to absolutely avoid any data loss since the last backup, invest in a PST recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair application. This fantastic tool can bring back all your data in a jiffy from a compromised PST file and it can also extract contents from encrypted PST files with ease.

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