Easy Recovery of Deleted Outlook Items

As a regular Outlook user, you may have on more than one occasion, accidentally deleted mails or other Outlook items. We suggest ways in which deleted outlook items can be easily recovered from the Deleted Items folder or using powerful third-party tools.

Two of the most popular email clients from Microsoft are Microsoft Outlook Express, the lightweight application while Microsoft Outlook works as a complete personal management tool as well. While Outlook Express stores all its data in DBX files, Outlook on the other hand stores all the details such as messages, appointments, contacts, and other personal management data in personal storage files or PST files. PST files are susceptible to external factors such as viruses, sudden power surges and problems in hard drives that can cause corruption and data loss. However, at times, Outlook users too could accidentally delete Outlook items causing loss of data. Rather than wait for the day when such an incident happens, it is better to know how one can repair Outlook and what steps can be taken to recover the deleted items.

It is quite true that the number of spam mails coming to our inbox has increased dramatically in the last few years. While we can filter out a large number of them, senders of these spam mails too usually work out a way of beating the filtering system so that some spam mails do land up in our mail box despite our best efforts. And since we are in such a hurry to get on with our work, we usually delete most of these spam messages in a real hurry. It happens more often than not, that while deleting spam mails, users often delete work-related mails only to realize their mistake much later. However, this does not call for any immediate efforts to repair Outlook and we may still be able to retrieve these deleted mails, as we shall soon see.

Other situations in which we may require recovery of deleted Outlook items is when we believe we are done with a particular mail message or calendar item or note and trash it. A few days later, we find that we may still have some work with the item and are understandably distressed to find that the item has been deleted.

The very first place to look for deleted items is the folder titled, quite naturally, Deleted Items. Outlook does not immediately permanently remove any item – when you delete any item, it is first moved to the Deleted Items folder where it stays until you decide to permanently delete it. If you are trying to recover a deleted outlook item, you should begin by looking into the Deleted Items folder before you decide to repair Outlook.

If you are unable to find the item you are looking for in the Deleted Items folder, you may have permanently removed it and it may be difficult to recover the item. However, this task is made easy by third-party software such as DataNumen Outlook Repair from DataNumen. DataNumen Outlook Repair can not only recover data from corrupted or damaged PST files but it can also quite easily recover deleted Outlook items and restore them in the same structure as they were in the original PST file. This handy tool will save you a lot of heartburn when you accidentally delete important Outlook items.

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