Download Images from Known Contacts without Hassles in Outlook

In this article we look at downloading images from known contacts automatically while keeping the option to manually choose the download of images from others.

Download Images from Known Contacts without Hassles in Outlook

A number of Outlook users avoid automatic download of images in emails, owing to security threats. However when you block automatic image downloads, you have to manually enable downloads for specific emails which you wish to access. In case of regular emails from contacts, the chore of enabling downloads each time can become a hassle. Well with Outlook you can choose to enable automatic download of emails for certain trusted contacts while keeping restrictions on other emails.

Allowing automatic image downloads for certain contacts

The best way to allow automatic downloads involves adding the specific contacts in the safe sender’s list. To do follow the steps listed below

1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and head to Actions
2. Next click on Junk Email and click on Junk Email options
3. In the subsequent screen, head to the Safe Senders tab
4. Now add all the contacts from which you wish to receive automatic image downloads.
5. Click on Ok and save the settings

Once the required contacts have been added to the Safe Senders list, you need to check the settings for Automatic downloads

1. In the Outlook application head to the Tools tab
2. Under Options click on Security
3. Now choose Automatic Download Settings
4. Here ensure that the option which mentions “Permit downloads in email messages from senders … in the Safe Senders ….” is checked.
5. Save your preferences

Now you will be able to get automatic downloads in all emails that you receive from those trusted contacts.

A Word of Caution

While allowing automatic downloads for trusted contacts would seem like a safe option, it may be risky if the computer of any of these contacts gets infected by a virus which spreads via emails. Such viruses can send emails to you, which your contact is completely unaware of, containing malicious payload. So some security experts recommend avoiding automatic downloads for everyone.

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