Does Migrating to Outlook 2013 Make Sense for a Small Business

The Ms Outlook applicationmicrosoft-outlook-2013-03-700x408 has over the years managed to gain avid users on all parts of the globe and is widely used in businesses of all sizes. However when it comes to adopting its newest iteration, Outlook 2013, some small businesses seem to be quite reluctant to make the jump. While the price associated with a new license is one of the factors that may be stopping small businesses from joining the Outlook 2013 bandwagon, the overall productivity improvements that they are missing may cost them in the long run.


Outlook 2013 can Drastically Improve Client Communication for Small Businesses

In an hyper connected world, the Outlook 2013 is the natural progression expected out of any email client. Equipped with the capacity to handle social media interactions and reach out to contacts through a host of platforms, the 2013 iteration of Outlook is way superior to its predecessors. Using the latest version of Outlook, small businesses can receive feedback from customers through their social profiles and communicate updates across a wider user base with ease. Moreover the People Hub feature in the latest edition of Outlook can serve as a single reference point for all client information and outreach activities.


A Sleeker User Interface Makes Managing Emails a Walk in the Park

Not only is the interface of Outlook 2013 pretty to look at, it facilitates easy management of emails. From conversation view to the capacity observe different sections without shifting views, the Outlook 2013 makes a big impression. You can now quickly view messages without opening them or arrange items under favorites for quick access.


Features like Weather Bar and Attachment Reminder Make it a Pleasure to Use

The Outlook 2013 introduces a whole set of features to make your life easy. From a neat weather bar that appears over your calendar to an attachment reminder that alerts you if you have forgotten to attach a file, the Outlook 2013 is rich with improvements that make your life easy.


Small Business Using Ms Outlook Should Remain Prepared for Issues of PST Corruption

Irrespective of the version of Ms Outlook that you are using in your business, it is always prudent to remain prepared for challenging circumstances. PST file errors in Outlook can occur at just about any point of time and can have serious consequences for the data you have in your email client. Small businesses typically do not have technical support executives on board to help them deal with such scenarios and a pst recovery tool may often come across as a life saver. Investing in a tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair can ensure that your data does not get compromised in case of a critical PST error. Moreover with this tool around you can also perform regular Outlook maintenance tasks like splitting a large PST file into significantly smaller manageable parts.


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