Does Malware cause Data Loss?

Everyone is cautious about the Internet these days, but it is becoming increasingly hard to keep your system clean of malware and viruses. Choosing to keep the system off the Internet can help, but all it takes is one infected memory stick to introduce a problem onto the system. The question is, how often does malware target the actual data on your computer and can it cause problems with the data file’s integrity? If you have to perform Excel repair or Word repair because the files are suddenly unrecognizable, you are probably also trying to track down the reason why the files became corrupted. It pays to look at the issue from every possible angle.

The difference between Malware and a Viruscomputer malware problems

There is a difference between malware and a computer virus, although many times they may have the same goal in mind. Both are seeking to take control of your computer systems, either to scrape the data or to use the computer’s connection as a part of a larger bot net. Malware tends to focus on scraping data. These are the programs that will cull your contact lists for spamming. It is not uncommon for malware to focus on Excel and Outlook files, as many people maintain their contact lists in these formats.

A computer virus may behave in a far more malicious manner than its wrongly named malware cousin. A virus may seek to cull data, take control of your server for use in a bot net action, or to simply destroy the data contained on your hard drive. Why? There is no good reason beyond criminal mischief and intent no matter what rationalizations their creators may believe. If your data is affected, you may have to contact a data recovery specialist for help as the problem will extend beyond individual data files and into the firmware programs on the systems as well.

Making the files readable again

Repairing Word files and performing Excel repair on individual corrupt file sets is doable. Once you know that your entire system and the firmware programs are stable and healthy, you can turn your attention to recovering the actual data. DataNumen specializes in providing software programs for this purpose. The programs are designed to meet the specifications of different operating systems and program versions to give the highest rate of recovery possible. If you have your system connected to the Internet, or you are sharing an internal network with computers that go online, it is a good idea to have a toolkit of repair programs on hand. You need to make sure that you match and maintain the repair programs just as you keep up with updating the versions of Excel and Word that you rely on. Make it a habit to check that both programs match and you can be prepared for anything.


Contact us to find out more about how we can help you with any data recovery issue you have and to help you prepare for any that may come. DataNumen, Inc. is a world leader in award winning data repair and recovery software.

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