Is DIY Data Recovery Suitable for Your Case?

When encountering data disaster, many people tend to attempt a DIY data recovery in the first place. But in reality, DIY data recovery isn’t always a good idea. So this article will discuss this issue in depth and detail.

Regardless of which data storage devices you’re using, the data can get corrupted or lost inevitably. Provided that the lost data is of great value and importance, it’ll be a great trouble. For businesses, it can lead to severe financial losses. While for individuals, it may render losing a precious memory alike. Apparently, no one is ready to withstand this kind of tragedies.

When it comes to data loss, it is unavoidable to think of data backup because that backup is the best way to avoid data loss. For example, if you’ve kept an effective backup in hand, when original data is damaged for some reasons, you can simply revert to the up-to-date version of backup. It is considerably easy. However, if you have no backup or the backup is useless, your last resort must be data recovery.

DIY Data Recovery

More often than not, a majority of people will attempt data recovery on their own. There is no denying that if all the required conditions and operations in recovery course are totally right, the outcome must be a surprising triumph. But it doesn’t mean that the DIY data recovery is always a good idea. If your case is too complex or you make any faults in this procedure, you’ll destroy your data thoroughly.

Power off System Right Now!

In the first place, what you should do as soon as when you discover data lost is to power off the system and never try to turn it on. You should bear in mind a truth that it is almost impossible to recover overwritten data. Hence if you keep system running, although you haven’t performed any operations on the device, data can be written continually. There are a lot of “behind-the-scenes” applications which are working and writing data to the data storage devices.

When Can You Use DIY Data Recovery Software?

Nowadays, multiple DIY data recovery software is available in the market, such as a corrupt PST recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. If data loss occur due to accidental deletion, application malfunction or formatting the device, this kind of DIY recovery software is a good idea. They are good at this type of issues. But you still should keep alert. For example, you should select a reputable and experienced tool instead of those from unknown and unreliable sources. In addition, never install the DIY software and recover data on the same device that you lost data.

Should You Open & Fix a Damaged Hard Drive by Yourself?

If data loss results from physical damages alike on your hard drives, it makes no senses to attempt DIY data recovery, which may even lead to permanent data loss. In such cases, many intend to open the damaged drive to fix it themselves. But in fact, it’s inadvisable. As mentioned above, DIY data recovery exact many special conditions, particularly for DIY drive repair. It demands a cleanroom with proper air pressure and moisture, tailor-made tools, professional knowledge and experience and so on.

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