Why Not Disable AutoCorrect to Stop Disturbing Hints?

If you are always disturbed by variety of AutoComplete suggestions, disabling AutoCorrect will certainly help you a lot.

With regard to AutoCorrect, I have ever appreciated it very much. Not only does it give me several editing suggestions during writing emails, but also it can help me to avert some spelling mistakes by reference to those suggestions. Since this feature is activated by default, I have never considered disabling it until I met a problem.

My Problems about AutoCorrect

I have a habit of writing. That is I am very fond of using “may”, a modal verb in my emails. Perhaps it is due to its gentle tone that I prefer it instead of other modal verbs like “can”. However, every time when I type “may”, a hint always pops up, which suggests me to press “Enter” to insert the “May 30, 2016”. But my typing “may” here doesn’t refer to “May” in calendar. Unfortunately I often press “Enter” by accident. In result, I need to delete the characters repeatedly. Since then, I’ve been vexed at this disturbing hint. I am in sore need of cancel this function. After a certain time, I finally seek out a method, namely disabling AutoCorrect.

Steps to Disable AutoCorrect

  1. To start with we should open Outlook and go to “File” menu.
  2. Then click “Options” item.
  3. In the new popup window of “Outlook Options”, we should select “Mail” option.
  4. Under “Mail” option, we can see “Compose Messages”. In addition, we should also locate the icon of “ABC” in black with a blue checkmark, behind which there is a button of “Spelling and AutoCorrect”. Click the button.Spelling and AutoCorrect
  5. After clicking the button, a new window of “Editor Options” will turn up. Next we should select “Advanced” option at the right.
  6. Later in “Editing options”, we should locate the final item “Show AutoComplete suggestions”. It is usually ticked by default. Thus we should untick it, namely cancel the checkmark.Show AutoComplete suggestions
  7. Finally click two “OK” to return to Outlook main page.

Once back to Outlook, we can have a try. I can promise that there won’t appear any hints.

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