In-depth Insight into Data Loss in Virtual Environment

With the advent of virtualization technology, many businesses have benefited a lot. But data loss is prone to take place, too. Also, the data loss in virtual environment can be much more serious. Now, this article will probe into this issue.

In-depth Insight into Data Loss in Virtual EnvironmentNowadays, virtualization technology is more and more mature and is developing into the mainstream. Based on related survey, a great amount of large enterprises have already made full use of virtualization. More specifically, they’ve virtualized their servers.

Although virtualization brings a lot benefits to businesses, it also results in more and more data loss cases. Moreover, due to the fact that the virtualization is often in combination with advanced server and data storage technologies such as RAID, data recovery in the event of data loss in virtual environment is much harder and more complex. Therefore, in order to safeguard business data, companies had better learn some knowledge about virtualization technology before using it. In the followings, we’ll discuss about the data loss in virtual environment in detail.

Causes of Data Loss in Virtual Environment

Generally, the most common reasons for data loss in virtual environment are as the followings:

  1. Deleted Virtual Machines: It’s the most common cause. It refers to that users or administrators mistakenly delete the virtual machines or remove the key files supporting the virtual system.
  2. Hardware Failures: Virtual system is also dependable on host machine. Thus, if any hardware fails, the virtual system can crash as well.
  3. Format & Reinstall: If you tend to format or reinstall the virtual system, you should keep cautious. Any incorrect operations during this process can lead to complete data loss.
  4. Virtual Drive Corruption: When you create a virtual hard drive, the computer will treat it exactly like a real physical hard drive. Therefore, if the drive gets corrupted, data will get corrupted, like damaged PST.
  5. Wrong Snapshot: A snapshot of the virtual setup is actually a base image file. It will play a great role in future data recovery. If it goes wrong, data loss can occur, too.

Precautions of Data Loss in Virtual Environment

So as to block your data from being corrupt in the virtual environment, you are better off taking adequate precautions, as follows:

  1. Make Effective Backups: Undoubtedly, you have to back up your data in the virtual environment regularly and effectively. Be cautious when selecting the backup software. You should insure data recovery from backups won’t take too much time.
  2. Store Backups & Running Virtual System on Different Storages: It means that the backups should be stored separately from the location of virtual system. Otherwise, when virtual system crashes, backups will suffer as well.
  3. Don’t Mix Several Virtualization Solutions: You should not combine several virtualization solutions in that it will make virtual environment unstable and more vulnerable.
  4. Make Sufficient Data Recovery Plan: It’s advisable to develop an effective and sophisticated data recovery plan in advance. Otherwise, when data loss takes place, you will become alarmed and bewildered.

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