A Deep Insight into the Write Protection Function in Memory Cards

In a memory card, to protect data from being operated mistakenly and avoid virus attack to data, you can write protect the card. Now, in this article, we will lead you to learn more about write protection function in memory cards.

Without any doubts, data protection is a quite arduous and difficult task as there are miscellaneous harmful factors existing around data. For instance, nowadays, viruses become increasing sophisticated and rampant, which can damage our data easily, such as Outlook corruption. Hence, we have to make efforts to block viruses from data. For memory cards, you can apply write protection function.

A Deep Insight into the Write Protection Function in Memory Cards

Write protection will not only prevent file from modifcation, but also safeguard file from deletion. Moreover, write-protected file can get immune from the viruses. Thereinafter, we’ll introduce write-protection function in detail.

Write Protection Methods

Write protection has two types. One is hardware-level protection, and the other software-level protection. Accordingly, there are also two means to write protect a memory card, as follows:

1) Hardware

You can check whether there is a lock on the card reader. If there is such a lock on the reader holder, you can close the lock, namely pulling it to the other end of the card reader.

2) Software

In addition, you could write protect a memory card through software. There are a lot of relevant tools in today’s market. Hence, you should opt for a reliable utility and then follow its onscreen wizards to write protect your memory card. Besides, there is another inbuilt solution –changing the file’s attributes in the DOS with the “attrib” commands.

Check If Card Is Write-protected

Sometimes, when you find any files are inaccessible, you may consider if the file is write-protected. At this point, you need make a confirmation about this issue. You can simply right click the file and choose “Properties” from the context menu. Then you can see there is a checkmark on the “read-only” field. If it is ticked, the file is indeed write-protected.

Remove Write Protection from Card

In the case when you want to make some modifications on the data stored in the memory card, you have to remove the write protection. In accordance with the write protection methods, you also have two approaches. From the perspective of hardware, you can switch off the lock in the card reader. If it is protected via software, you should use the same software or the commands.

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