Dealing with an Outlook Crash during a Print Job

Since many yearsth (1) the Ms Outlook email client has impressed its user base with its well thought out features and overall ease of use. However its robustness has always been a suspect and at times even a simple Print job can crash the application. Imagine a situation where you are trying to print an email message containing embedded images or in HTML format. Instead of getting a proper printout you may find that the Outlook application simply hangs up or worse crashes. Let’s look at ways to avoid such scenarios.


What causes Outlook to Crash

To understand why Outlook can crash while executing a Print command, you need to know about a file called “OutlPrnt”.  It essentially is an information file that contains the descriptions of print style associated with the Outlook application. Now in case this style file gets corrupted, which is not exactly uncommon in Outlook, the application can simply get stuck up or crash. It is important to note that such crashes are relatively less frequent in Outlook 2010 and 2013 as compared to earlier iterations of Ms Outlook.


Resolving Print Crashes in Outlook

To resolve the issue of crashes that you may be experiencing while executing a Print command in Outlook, you would have to consider replacing the existing style file i.e. “OutlPrnt”. To start with first close the Outlook application and then search for the file, which typically is present in the Application Data folder for Outlook and rename it. Next restart the system and launch the Outlook application. The style file gets rebuilt and you should now be able to print emails with ease.


Related Error Messages

In some cases instead of crashing the Outlook application, a corrupted printer style file may throw up a message which mentions “Cannot print unless an item is selected….” Alternately you may receive a message which proclaims that an error has occurred while accessing your Print settings. Here too the issue lies with the “OutlPrnt” file and solution listed above to rebuild the settings file would work.


Outlook Crashes can land you into a huge business mess

If you use the Ms Outlook email client for managing business emails you need to know that an Outlook crash can prove hazardous for your business. In a single moment all your business conversations stored in emails including online contracts can become compromised. The only way you can pull yourself out of this mess is by using an outlook recovery tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair. Its powerful recovery algorithm can bring back each and every other data element contained in the application before it crashed. From email attachments to messages stored in HTML format, you can get back everything including your contact details. Moreover if you are using the Business Contact Manager tool for Outlook, this tool can retrieve the data stored in it too.


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