Dealing with a No Disk error while working with Zip files

Like everything in this planet even computers too have their fair share of quirks which are typically expressed through strange errors messages. Most of us can recount of situations when your machine suddenly behaves strangely and after you reboot it, the PC goes back to working as normal.  Of the several quirks that I have experienced while working on my PC, one of the most bizarre one involved receiving a No Disk error while opening a zip archive file using WinZip. I was simply bewildered by the error message because the zip drive that I wished to access was sitting pretty on my Desktop and not on any DVD. After a long and stressful hour, I was able to resolve the issue and I am sharing my experiences here with you.


Cause behind the No Disk error while working with a zip file

A No Disk typically occurs when you access a zip file on DVD drive or any removable media and then when your work is finished you remove the DVD drive. Now if you directly launch the WinZip application through the shortcut placed on your desktop, you would receive a No Disk error in some cases. It should be noted that this error is not a consistent occurring, so some people may experience while others may not depending on the exact set of actions you had performed.

To resolve the error, all you need to do is to press the cancel option when the error message comes across on the screen and you should be able to continue work as normal. Also it should be noted that after you open a zip archive stored in the DVD drive and then if you open any other zip file present on your system, you will not experience this specific error at all.

What if you receive a corrupt zip archive error message?

Not all error messages that you receive while working with zip files are fluke errors. In fact the ones that mention specific error codes need to be taken seriously. When you are working with zip archives, you may come across an error message that mentions that the zip archive is corrupt. Now if you do receive such an error try opening the zip file in a different application. However if it still does not open then you need get hold of a zip repair tool like DataNumen Zip Repair which can quickly recover nearly any corrupt archive file. Besides helping you quickly recover your corrupt zip files, this powerful tool can also help you extract data from zip files stored in removable media with effortless ease. In case you need to recover a SFX file or even a large zip archive then DataNumen Zip Repair should be your first choice as its powerful recovery engine can effectively dig data out like no other application.


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