DataNumen’s 10 Tips to Recover Lost Data and Files

1. Install recovery and repair software on your computer now. The best time to do this on your PC is before you lose any data or files. Here are a few options to download at DataNumen Access Repair, Datanumen Word Repair, DataNumen Database Recovery, or DataNumen Archive Repair, DataNumen Outlook Repair with inbox repair tool. Talk to a Datanumen specialist via phone or Internet if you need help finding which is right for you.

2. Install recovery software to a USB flash drive. This prevents programs from cluttering up your hard drive and is a good option if you already lost data on a drive.

3. Delete the files. If the file has not been shredded with a secure data deletion tool you might be able to recover it. This is because the file itself isn’t actually deleted even after emptying the Recycle Bin. Instead, the first few bytes are changed to inform Windows that the space used by the file is now free for writing. The rest of the file is left intact until it is overwritten with new data.

4. Pick a search. Most tools offer an assortment of searches depending upon the type of data loss.

5. Do a deep search. File recovery tools provide a more comprehensive, although slower, search option that scans the drive cluster by cluster. This is helpful for finding data from lost drives or partitions, but can also locate deleted files that didn’t show up under less rigorous searches.

6. Try file recovery outside of Windows. If you can’t boot your computer, you can recover your data by plugging the drive into another PC. Following that, a bootable rescue disc can be used to give you access to your data.

7. Recover files from CDs and DVDs. File recovery from CD or DVD requires differing tools, whether the issue is physical or virtual.

8. Rescue images from memory cards. You can find lost, deleted, and corrupted pictures from memory cards as long as the card is visible in Windows.

9. Recover the corrupt data. You might recover the file but discover it’s been damaged someway. If so, you will need to invest in third-party software such as Datanumen’s data and file recovery software located under downloads or products on their website. The software supports all types of file formats, and customers include Dell, IBM, ATT&T, among many other reputable companies so you know it is effective.

10. Lastly, be ready to fork over some green if your files prove to be irretrievable or your hardware is physically damaged. It’s extremely expensive to have your drive replaced, inspected, and/or any recoverable data saved by a recovery professional

Alan Chen is President and Chairman of DataNumen, Inc., which is the world leader in data recovery technologies, including o

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