Data Recovery and Repair

There are many different reasons for your project data to become corrupt and unreadable. It can be as obvious as a power surge, or it can appear absolutely random. For whatever reason, knowing what to do when you begin to receive error messages about corrupt data is essential to prevent the total loss of the file. If you are lucky, the data corruption can be instantly fixed using the program’s built-in tools.employee having trouble on computer

Outlook can perform most minor PST repair upon the program trying to open the file, or by using the inbox repair tool but there will be instances when the damage exceeds the tool’s ability to do the job. Any program is susceptible to corruption and data loss, including SQL and Outlook. Making sure you have what you need on hand to perform data recovery and repair will be essential to prevent loss of business and operational time.

How you can build an in-house toolkit for Outlook and SQL

To create an in-house toolkit that will allow your IT specialist to perform Outlook data recovery and repair you have to match the repair tool to the program version and operations system that you are running. If you need to make sure that you can perform SQL Recovery in-house, it will do you no good to buy a program that is promising to recover SQL across all versions and platforms. The reality is that such a program does not exist. Every update to the SQL environment is going to create a unique set of factors as to what can go wrong within the creation of the data files. To think that there is a one-size-fits-all repair approach is not realistic.

Repair programs work by taking knowledge of the most common faults that can occur and working to correct them within the existing structure. If the common fault has to do with a shutdown process, such as what Outlook performs, that can be interrupted in a way unique to Windows XP, a Vista repair program is not going to be of much help to you. Take down all of the information about your operating system and the version of the programs you are running in order to find the best match for your file safety.

Running a Drill

Just like with any other type of system of repair there is going to be a learning curve for its use, making sure that your staff knows how to run a repair or recovery program is also essential to quickly resolving any issues with data corruption. It is worthwhile to schedule time to watch training videos, practice navigating the software, and to go over the manuals to make sure you are prepared. Another good practice is to make sure that people are regularly reminded of the presence of the repair tools. Often, an error message will cause a panic and people will forget they have the tools to fix the damage themselves. That forgetfulness can mean expensive downtime that could be avoided.


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