Creating an Out of Office Auto Reply Email in Few Steps

Owing to our hectic note_with_pin2work schedules, vacations are becoming increasingly scarce. Now when you do get away from work, you should not be bothered by the fact that emails keep reaching your inbox and are left unanswered. By simply setting in place an auto reply message which responds to each email that has arrived that you are out of office, would let your contacts know when to expect you back. To create such an auto reply in Outlook, please follow the steps mentioned below.


Create an Out of Office Message Template

  1. Launch the Ms Outlook application and then open a New Message
  2. In the New Message Window, place the subject line for the email. For example – Out on Vacation
  3. Now in the body of the email you can give details about your absence and when they can expect you back. You can also include contact details of any other person in your office who can be contacted in case of an urgent issue.
  4. Next go to the File option and click on Save As from the drop down menu
  5. You need to save the message as Outlook template file
  6. Once done you can save file


Next you need to go ahead and create a rule for auto responder.

  1. Launch the Rules and Alerts from Tools and then restrict the application to Inbox
  2. Next you need to start from a blank rule
  3. Ensure the option that check for messages at arrival and then select the choice to apply the rule on the arrived message
  4. Once done you need to move to the next rules wizard screen and check the option which states “where my name is in the to box”
  5. In the next screen select the choice for replying with a specific template
  6. Next you need to choose the specific template(which is the one you create before)
  7. If you wish you can set some exceptions to avoid the email to be sent to all emails.
  8. Once done give a name to the Rule and save it.

Essentially an Out of Office email goes a long way in ensuring that people know that you are not sitting on their emails and or are trying to avoid a reply.


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