How to Create a Wonderful Waffle Chart in Your Excel Worksheet

Except for the default chart types in Excel, you can also create a wonderful waffle chart in your worksheet. In this article, we will show you how to create such a chart.

The waffle chart has very good visual effect in Excel. With its special shape, you can demonstrate your data and information in a more intuitive way. However, there is no direct way to insert a waffle chart into your worksheet. You can continue reading this article and learn how to make it.

Arrange in the Worksheet

In this example, we will show the completion of sales volume of a product.Example

Before you create such a chart, you need to arrange the worksheet.

  1. Select a range with 10 rows and 10 columns. Here we will select the range E3:N12 in the worksheet.
  2. And then change the column width and row height of the range. Make sure that the cell will be a square. For example, the column width is 5 while the row height is 27. You can also set according to your own needs.
  3. And then input the values 1%-100% into the range with a certain order. You can refer to the image below.Input Values

In order to quickly fill this range, you can use the fill handle.

  1. Select the whole area in the worksheet.
  2. And then click the button “Conditional Formatting” in the toolbar.
  3. After that, move your cursor on the option “Highlight Cells Rules”.
  4. In the sub menu, click the option “Less Than”.Conditional Formatting
  5. In the “Less Than” window, input the cell reference of D2 into the text box. You can also use your mouse to select the cell.
  6. Next click the small button in the second text box.
  7. In the drop-down list, choose the “Custom Format”.
  8. Therefore, you will see the “Format Cells” window. Click the tab “Font” in this window.
  9. And then set a color for the font.
  10. After that, click the tab “Fill”.
  11. In this step, set color for the background. You need to make sure that this color is the same as the color that you use in step 12.
  12. When you finish the setting, click “OK”.Set Rules
  13. And then click “OK” in the “Less Than” window.
  14. In this step, set the same font color and the same background color for the range. This color should be different from the color in the conditional formatting.Set Same Color
  15. Click the small arrow next to the button “Borders” in the toolbar.
  16. And then choose the “More Borders” in the drop-down menu.More Borders
  17. In the “Format Cells” window, click the button in the “Color”.
  18. And choose the white color for the borders.
  19. After that, choose the “Outline” and “Inside” on the right of the window.Borders
  20. Next click the button “OK” to save the setting.

Therefore, you have finished the setting in the range. Whenever the sales completion changes, the range will also change accordingly.


Create a Waffle Chart

However, the range is still in the worksheet. You need to create the waffle chart from this range.

  1. Select the target range.
  2. And then press the shortcut keys “Ctrl +C” on the keyboard.
  3. Next click the arrow button under the button “Paste” in the toolbar.
  4. After that, choose the option “Linked Pictures” in the drop-down list.Linked Pictures
  5. Next press the button “Esc” on the keyboard to exit the copy mode.
  6. Now you can move the waffle chart into other area.
  7. In this step, click the tab “Insert” in the ribbon.
  8. And then click the button “Text Box”.
  9. After that, click in the worksheet. Therefore, you will see the text box.
  10. Next click in the formula bar.
  11. Input the formula into the formula bar. The formula will link the text box with the cell D2.Text Box
  12. And then press the button “Enter” on the keyboard.
  13. Move the text box on the waffle chart.
  14. In this step, format the value in the text box. You can set the format according to your need.
  15. Press the button “Ctrl” and click both the text box and the waffle chart.
  16. And then right click your mouse.
  17. In the pop-up window, move your cursor on the option “Group”.
  18. In the sub menu, click the option “Group”. Thus, you have grouped the two objects.Group

When you move the waffle chart, the text box will always stay in the chart.result

And now you have known the process of creating a waffle chart. The next time you can also have a try in your own worksheet.

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