Copying Outlook Contacts to Business Contact Manager Records in Outlook

One of the primary Contactadvantages of using the Business Contact Manager(BCM) in Outlook for CRM activities relates to the convenience of accessing existing information including contacts and client conversations already stored in your Outlook email client. Now when you are looking to create business contacts in BCM from Outlook contacts, you need to first copy the relevant contacts. In this article we would look at swiftly copying contacts into BCM and even consider the possibility of linking an email message to a BCM record.


Copying an Outlook Contact into BCM Account or Contacts

  1. Launch the Outlook application and head to the Navigation bar
  2. Now click on Contacts
  3. From the list of contacts that appear select the one or the set of contacts you plan to move into the BCM feature
  4. Next you need to move to the Ribbon and then hit on Create Record to bring out the possible choices which allow you to either copy the contact to BCM and keep it available in Outlook contacts too or delete it from the original place.
  5. Ideally you should just copy the contact by clicking on Copy to BCM
  6. Next you will get the choice to select the record type you wish to create which can either be a custom one or one of the standard ones like Business contact or say an account
  7. Select your choice, say Business Contact and save the record.


Linking an Outlook e-mail message to a Business Contact Manager Record

The procedure to link an Outlook email message to a BCM record is very simple. Just open the email message from which you want to create a business contact and use the Link to Record feature to associate the data into the BCM. The process is listed below for your reference.

  1. Launch the email which you wish to link and then head to Business group in the top Ribbon interface.
  2. Next click on Link to Record and the subsequent option box choose the record type from Item type list
  3. Once you have made the choice, say an account or an opportunity, confirm the same by clicking on Link To and then hit the Ok button.


Data stored in the Business Contact Manager Feature is susceptible to PST errors

Outlook PST errors have been a perennial hassle for Outlook users and this issue can also affect the data stored in the Business Contact Manager feature. In other words all the data encompassed in leads and accounts or project related critical data along with marketing templates can be at risk if the Outlook application topples over due to a PST error. However you can still recover your data if you have a powerful pst repair tool like DataNumen Outlook Repair around. This top notch application can recover all data elements stored in Outlook including BCM data besides being capable of extracting emails in HTML format.


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