How to Copy Junk Email Settings from One Account to Another

In general, Outlook cannot synchronize junk email settings in one account to another automatically. Thus in this article, we will learn how to deliver junk email settings from one account to another quickly.

I have added a myriad of blocked senders to my Outlook junk filter in my primary email account. One day, I found that those junk emails still land into my Inbox of another account. I had originally been intended to individually add the blocked lists to another account. But my friend offered a good approach to me.

Copy Junk Email Settings from One Account to Another

  1. At the very outset, you should click on the Inbox folder of the source account.
  2. Then access your Junk Email Filter. In Home ribbon, click “Junk” button and select “Junk Email Options” from the popup list.Junk Email Options
  3. A new dialog box will arise. You should switch to “Blocked Senders” tab.
  4. On this tab, you can see all blocked senders that you’ve added before. Next you should locate and click the “Export to File” button.
  5. Another window will show up, in which you can select a location to store the exported file as per your desires. You need to assign a name to it and click “Save” button.
  6. Next you should turn to another account and open the dialog box of “Junk Email Options” in it.
  7. Switch to “Blocked Senders” tab and click “Import from File” button.Copy Junk Email Settings from One Account to Another
  8. In the subsequent window, you need to find the previous exported file and select the file to open it.
  9. Immediately you will discover all the blocked senders appears in the list.

Virtually you can also find the “Export” and “Import” button on “Safe Recipients” and “Safe Senders” tabs. Therefore, this method is available for delivering safe recipients as well as safe senders to other accounts. You can utilize this method to easily copy all junk email settings from one account to another.

How to Counter Viruses and Malware

It is known that Outlook Junk Email Filter does play an important role in averting malicious attacks. In the contemporary era, viruses and spyware become increasingly sophisticated. So as to prevent virus infection and malware assaults, we should not only block junk emails in time, but also report the suspicious email domains or addresses to Microsoft, helping to strengthen Outlook Junk Email Filter. Furthermore, apart from relying on this tool, we should also get a good habit of making backups at regular intervals. Thus if unfortunately, our Outlook file is contracted by viruses, we can also utilize backups to restore Outlook data. Moreover, keeping a formidable repair tool is also highly a matter of necessity. For example, DataNumen Outlook Repair is a good choice. It holds a much higher recovery rate than its peers.

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