Choosing the Appropriate SQL Server 2014 Version – A Primer for Mid Tier Firms

In the businesssql-server2014logo landscape, mid tier firms experience a very compelling challenge of investing in top grade IT infrastructure and platforms without the support of a large budget. So if you are given with onerous task of choosing an appropriate database solution for your company, you would have to look at both pros and cons of each edition based on your requirements. Ideally you should start with understanding your needs and jotting them down in one place. If you are looking to gain analysis or intelligence from your business data, opting for the Business Intelligence version is a no brainer. Similarly if you are looking to scale up drastically in few months, it better to invest in the enterprise edition.  Let’s explore some of these aspects in detail.


Opt for the Standard Edition only if you have a limited workload and budget

The Standard edition is typically advised for those small businesses where the workload expected is limited or for mid tier firms with severe budget constraints. The Standard edition cuts a sorry figure both on account of lack of support for AlwaysOn Availability groups and in- memory OLTP.


The Business Intelligence Edition Packs in Quite a Punch

A cursory look at both the features and licensing prices would present the Business Intelligence license as the ideal fit for many mid sized businesses. It would help you in obtaining meaningful insights without actually creating a whole in your pocket. Its powerful report builder tool can be used to filter and tailor data as per the needs your stakeholders. Also the cost per core is way cheaper than an Enterprise license. Moreover from a growth perspective, the BI edition makes sense for any business which is looking to expand itself.


Steer Clear of the Enterprise edition unless you are growing and have deep pockets

The licensing costs associated with an Enterprise license can be prohibitive. Moreover the prices are variable as per the number of cores that you utilize. Ideally you should only think about the enterprise edition if your company is growing and you hope to get a positive ROI. For small and medium firms, the enterprise edition is a sheer overkill.


Data Recovery Tools are Must for Mid Tier Firms

A typical SQL Server implementation in a mid tier firm is often a toss up between the SQL Server standard edition or the business intelligence edition. Rarely does a mid tier firm opt for a full fledged enterprise license. Now depending on your version a host of business continuity features may not be available in your current SQL Server deployment. Investing in a reliable sql recovery tool like the sophisticated DataNumen SQL Recovery would go a long way in securing your data from getting lost due to a SQL crash. Further the tool comes rather handy in smaller firms where accidental deletion of data is a common occurrence. The tool can simply bring back the deleted data within minutes without any hassles.


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