Check Out All New Jazzed up To Do Bar in Ms Outlook 2016

In this article, we will explore the new jazzed up To Do Bar in the 2016 iteration of Ms Outlook

Outlook 2016 is a powerful version that comes packed with improved and smart features that were never seen before. One such improved feature that you can enjoy in this new update of MS Outlook is the To Do Bar that was earlier introduced in the 2010 version but with some shortcomings. This time, the makers have included the To Do Bar fixing all the bugs in Office 365 version. Earlier this feature used to show only appointments for a current day even if it had space to show up more things. Now, in this latest update, you can show appointments for up to a week in case the space allows it. This and more has been introduced in the improved To Do Bar of Outlook 2016. Reading this article, you will learn about the new jazzed up To Do Bar in MS Outlook 2016.

To Do Bar in Outlook

The main purpose for which Microsoft introduced the To Do Bar in Outlook years ago was to help the users work more efficiently to achieve their goals in a specified time; however, due to some lackings, this feature was not much a success at that time, so finally came the new and improved bug free To Do Bar in 2016 Outlook. One of the remarkable additions to the To Do Bar in Outlook 2016 version is that it now gives you the liberty to see appointments from a selected day onwards. This biggest and also the most desired change in this useful feature of MS Office has been greatly appreciated by the users world wide. On the other hand, you must also be aware of the fact that although, this bar is not as functional as it used to be in the earlier Outlook versions, it works much better when enabled. Even if this bar has been widened, it will not be visible even for the current day’s appointments; you will first have to enable it.

It is also to be noted that although, the To-Do Bar comes disabled by default in this latest update, you can easily enable it through some easy steps. For this, you first need to go to the View Tab and choose the To Do Bar. Then, you will be required to select the items you wish to appear in this bar from a drop down list. You get an option to Turn on To Do Bar or display it for particular Calendar, Tasks or People as per your preference. Remember that the order that will be displayed in this bar will solely depend on the order in which you have chosen them initially.

So, to conclude, it can be said that now with so much improvement, the To Do Bar will be a pleasure to use while working on MS Outlook. Not only will it help you be on track for the tasks listed in the list but it will also help you be a little more organized by constantly reminding you of the tasks to be done within a period of time.

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