How to Change the Update Interval of Outlook Social Connector

As you know, Outlook enables you to connect to your social networks, such that you can see the social updates directly in Outlook. By default, Outlook social connector checks for new updates every 60 minutes. This article will introduce how to change the default update interval.

In our previous article – “How to Collect All Your Social Network Updates in One Outlook Folder”, we have explored a handy method to check social updates. By default, the update interval of Outlook social connector is 60 minutes. Someone may feel that it updates too often. In addition, you cannot manually control the updating within Outlook. You have to set a “ActivitySyncInterval” registry value. Read on to learn the detailed steps.

Change the Update Interval of Outlook Social Connector

  1. At the very outset, you should ensure that Outlook is exited properly.
  2. Then click “Start” button to open “Start Menu”. After clicking into the search box in “Start Menu”, you need to input “regedit”.
  3. After seeing the target program shows up, you should press “Enter” button. You will receive a new dialog box of “User Account Control”, which aims to be sure about if you are ready to allow Registry Editor to make changes on your computer. You can select “Yes” straightly.Allow Registry Editor to Make Changes on Your Computer
  4. Next you will get into the Registry Editor successfully. Now you have to find the following registry keys in order: “HKEY_CURRENT_USER” > “Software” > “Microsoft” > “Office” > “Outlook” > “SocialConnector”.
  5. After that, you ought to right click on “SocialConnector” key and from the popup right clicking menu, select “New” > “DWORD Value”.Create a New DWORD Value under SocialConnector
  6. And then turn to the right pane and designate the newly created DWORD value as “ActivitySyncInterval”.
  7. Later you would be required to double click the “ActivitySyncInterval” value. In the new “Edit DOWRD Value” dialog box, you can rule its value data. The data refers to the update intervals of Outlook social connector. Note that it is in minutes. For instance, if you wish that social connector should update every 30 minutes, you can fill in “30”.Speicify Value Data of ActivitySyncInterval
  8. Lastly after completing all the steps introduced above, you can click “OK” to save the changes and turn exit the Registry Editor as usual by clicking “X” icon in the upper right corner.

From now on, the Outlook social connector will absolutely check for new updates according to your preset update intervals.

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