How to Hide Unwanted Outlook Notification Icons

Too many notification icons will clutter up Windows Task-bar. This article will teach you how to hide unwanted Outlook notification icons. As we can see, Outlook icon seems permanently stay in the Windows notification area. Moreover, every time Outlook receives new messages, a new message envelope icon will display as well. But when we open several applications in the meantime, too many notification icons will be listed in Task-bar, making it in a mess. In such a scenario, we would like to...

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2 Quick Steps to Retrieve Missing Social Connector

Some people have complained a lot about missing social connector. In this article I will introduce how to get it back. Many people will appreciate Outlook social connector very much. Due to the fact that it is a bridge between social networks and Outlook, making flexible of it will allow us to connect Outlook contacts with both our personal and business social networks. The place where social connector locates is called People Pane, which is usually positioned at the bottom of the email...

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Setting up the Hardware for SQL Server Implementation – Invest in Memory

In this article we look at SQL Server implementation in mid to large sized firms and look at the key requirement for substantial memory to improve the performance of the database server. Opting for a database solution in a mid to large sized firm is a complex process. It is even more difficult if you are updating from a legacy database system or upgrading from an open source solution to SQL Server. There are several factors to keep in mind, starting from licensing costs to the kind of...

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