What Should You Do If Outlook Rules Don’t Work?

If you’ve created multiple Outlook rules, but one day they stop working, it will be a great nightmare. So what should you do then? Nowadays, any email clients, including Outlook, allow users to create assorted rules, by which messages can be organized much better. I believe that everyone who has utilized Outlook for several years must have a host of rules. The same holds true for me. Rather than utilize Outlook Categories, I prefer to create and manage all kinds of rules to classify and...

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How to Customize the New Mail Sound for Selected Contacts

Some people would like to play a custom new mail sound for specific persons. In this article, I will introduce the fastest method. Everyone has several special contacts stored in their own address books. Perhaps they are important business partners, or intimate friends and relatives. Actually, regardless of who they are, they are all worthy of our special treatment. Also, I have some significant contacts stored in my Outlook application. In daily life, I keep a frequent communication with...

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Why Not Create a Shortcut to Reply Message with Template?

If you’re often required to reply specific messages with reduplicative text, you can create a relevant shortcut so as to improve efficiency. Many people have encountered a situation that they need to reply some selected emails using the specified text. When required, they will open the document which contains the ruled text, copy the text and paste it to the message content. Someone may attempt to create a signature or a textual quick part so that they can insert it quickly. Actually in...

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