5 Handy Tips to Master Outlook Quickly

If you are a novice in Outlook, the 5 handy tips introduced in this article will helps you to get acquainted with this application in quick time. If you’re ready to make a further study about these tips, you will even be an Outlook master. At present, Outlook has earned a myriad of accolades from users. Moreover, it is increasingly important for everyone to know how to make full use of it. 1. Create Rules to Organize Emails Almost all email clients allow us to create various rules and...

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How to Convert Selected Cells into Images via Excel

Except for editing numbers and charts, Excel has many other hidden features. And today we explore the Excel tips on generating images.  Sometimes we need to save Excel tables as images. Normally we will use the “Print Screen” key to generate a picture. But once the size of table is very big, the screen of your computer cannot show all the information. In addition, it is very troublesome to see several pictures. Thus, in this article we will introduce two Excel tips to convert selected...

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Quick Tips on Optimizing Analysis Services in SQL Server

Looking to optimize Analysis services – run through this bunch of tips   Analysis Services play an important role in delivering OLAP or online analytical processing and other business intelligence applications. So, it is important to check out some quick tips on Optimizing Analysis Services in SQL Server for an overall better performance. Separating OLTP Server from OLAP Server when they are with Heavy Traffic: The first useful tip in increasing the Analysis Services in an SQL Server...

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