How to Automatically Backup Your Word Document

We may want to secure some important Word data by saving it to a backup document. In this article, we will then look at how to enable Word to create a backup copy automatically. Data loss is unavoidable for all Word users. Both external and internal factors can result in file corruption. Therefore, for some important documents, we may want to create a backup copy. But don’t bother to do it manually for each document. Because you can enable Word to create a backup copy of our files...

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5 Smart Tricks to Tame Your Stuffed Mailbox in Outlook

Provided that there are a deluge of emails in your mailbox, it will be difficult for you to locate your desired emails. But you can utilize the following 5 tips to organize the emails. In order to keep my mailbox clean, I am accustomed to clear those expired or useless emails at regular intervals. But if there are still loads of emails in mailbox, I tend to apply the following functions in Outlook. 1. Create a Certain Number of New Folders to Trim Mailbox You can create a certain number of...

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How to Collect All Your Social Network Updates in One Outlook Folder

We can connect our social networks with Outlook via Outlook Social Connector. But we can only see the status updates of our contacts in People Pane. In this article, I will offer a method to list all the social network updates altogether in one folder. Thanks to Outlook Social Connector, I can see the status updates of my Facebook contacts individually in People Pane without needs to open my Facebook. But I am eager to collect the updates in a folder so that it will be much convenient for me...

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