4 Time-Saving Tips to Speed up Your Email Work in Outlook

If you are often required to type repetitive texts in message body, it will waste much of your time. Here are 4 time-saving tricks to speed up your email work more efficiently. Confronted with a great deal of regular work, I am always searching assorted approaches to speed up my email work in Outlook. Recently, I found that apart from signatures, business cards and quick parts, I can save Outlook templates to avert repetitive emails as well. The followings are my knacks to improve my email...

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5 Measures to Outlook Crashes or Freezing When Accessing a Specific Folder

When you attempt to access a folder, Outlook crashes abruptly. Restart Outlook and find that other folders work well. If you are suffering this problem, just apply the 5 methods in this article to eradicate it. Various factors can pose Outlook crashes, for example, sudden shutdown, virus infection, spyware attacks and so on. But if crashes occur when you access a folder, the common reasons are corrupt messages or view, and even blackened PST file. You can address the issue by the following...

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2 Simple Ways to Encrypt Your Word Files

To keep the privacy of our Word document, we can set a password to it so that nobody can access. In this article, we will offer 2 simple ways to secure our Word document with encryption. Word is a universally used tool in today’s society. Generally, we just write our Word document and save it somewhere in our computer. Sometimes, however, there might be some important or sensitive information contained in our documents. In such cases, we may protect our Word document by setting a password,...

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