3 Ways to Paste Texts in Word without Format

When you paste something to your Word, you may want to discard all formatting and non-text elements. In this article, we will look at 3 Ways to paste unformatted text in Your Word. Frequently, we need to copy something from web pages or other programs. By defaults, Word pastes texts in source formatting. However, sometimes you may want to discard all the formatting and non-text elements, such as pictures or hyperlinks, as also ensure the text take on the style characteristics of the...

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5 Easy Ways to Transfer Excel Tabular Data into Your Word

Linking or embedding an Excel worksheet to Word comes as a useful way to make your Word more functional. In this article, we will mention 4 methods to transfer Excel Data into Your Word file. While Excel worksheets are great at carrying out calculations, as also displaying data in tabular format, word-processing tool such as Word are better for explaining your data to others. Better still, by extracting data from excel to Word, you can combine the best features of Excel and Word into a...

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How to Look up Values in a Range by Combining MATCH & INDEX functions

In our previous article, we have introduced the function of VLOOKUP and explain the usage of the formula. And today we will introduce the function combination of MATCH and INDEX to look up values. Excel functions have very amazing effects, which can help us do many complex tasks. The independent function can achieve certain functionalities. In addition, you can also try to combine different functions to deal with your problems. Thus today, we will combine the MATCH and INDEX functions to...

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