Microsoft SQL Server Compact – A Primer

In this article we look at often overlooked Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition and understand its relevance. In a hyper-connected information driven world, databases play a critical role in storing and managing data effectively. Over time several types of databases have evolved which are tailored to specific needs. If we take the case of SQL Server, there are editions which are aimed at large companies (Enterprise Edition) to ones that are targeted towards small businesses (Express...

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How to Delete Meeting Invitations Along with Tentative Meetings in Calendar

When you are averse to accepting a meeting invitation and delete it via right click in Inbox, you will find that the meeting itself still exists in your Calendar. This article will tell you how to delete them altogether. I have ever experienced that my schedules in Outlook are filled with quantities of meetings. Therefore, I have to reject some addition and unimportant ones. In order to cancel them, I used to delete the invitations in Inbox directly. But later I found that meetings have been...

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