4 Quick Ways to Send Emails from Your Excel (Part I)

Sometimes you need to send emails relating to your Excel file. So here we will demonstrate 4 ways to send mails from Excel. If you need to send emails of an Excel file or part of the contents, you need to open the Outlook application and then edit the detail information. And every time, you should input the address of the recipients, the subject as well as the contents. In addition, if you can send emails directly from Excel, you can save a lot of time. So in this passage, there are 4...

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SQL Server 2016 is miles ahead of its 2012 iteration – What’s New

In this article we give a detailed look at some of the distinctive features introduced in SQL Server 2016 With the launch of the SQL Server 2016 edition, Microsoft has given its users a reason to cheer. Expectedly, the 2016 edition is way more advanced than the previous editions, especially the 2012 edition. The 2016 comes loaded with real time insights along with new security innovations, delivers unequaled in-memory performance, advanced analytics and a lot more. Read on to know more about...

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How to Use Groups to Manage Large Data Sets Easily in Your Excel

In an Excel worksheet, if you have a lot of data and information, the interface will be in a mess. Thus, you can add groups to classify your data and information. In Excel, you can also add groups to your information. And with groups, you can manage your Excel better. In this image below, there are the sales volumes of the product of each month and the subtotal of each season. And for such a worksheet, you can add groups into the worksheet. Add Groups The groups feature is very smart...

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