3 Methods to Extract Pictures from Word Documents

In the following article, we will emphasize on discussing 3 easy and operable ways to extract pictures from Word documents. Now and then there are times when you need to save all the pictures from a Word document. As a result, here we are to offer you 3 quick ways to extract images with original resolution. Read on to find out more details. Method 1: Save as Picture Firstly, open a Word document which contains images. Second, right click a picture to be saved. Next choose...

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Critical Security and Compliance Guidelines in SQL Server

In this post, readers will get to know about some important security and compliances guidelines/recommendations that are highly important for successfully running SQL Server. Are you looking for few good recommendations in terms of security and compliances for SQL Server database? You’ve come to the right place. Having knowledge of these compliances can help you ensure enhanced security of your SQL server. Additionally, it can also be helpful in the recovery and restore procedure such as a...

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2 Methods to Print Outlook Items in a Specific Category

Color category does help us a lot in classifying Outlook items. At times we may wish to print out a list of emails, contacts or a schedule that belong to one category. This article will introduce 2 techniques to accomplish it in quick time. I am accustomed to classifying and managing my Outlook items by categories. On one occasion, I would like to print out my monthly calendar items which belong to a specific category. But in “Print Options”, I cannot figure out how to select the...

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