3 Quick Tips to Optimize Your SQL Server Backup Process

In this article we share some handy tips to help you optimize your backup and recovery process Often while backing up your SQL Server database, you might face problems which are complex in nature. As important is the process of backing up SQL Server data, equally important is the need to optimize the backup processes. If the process is not done right, without proper optimization, you might not be able to completely restore the backed up data or the whole process may end up consuming a lot of...

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A Deep Dive into AlwaysOn Layers Of Protection in MS SQL Server

In this article we closely examine the AlwaysOn Layers of Protection that are present in SQL Server The AlwaysOn Availability Group feature in SQL Server provides disaster recovery and fault tolerance solutions, across various layers of infrastructure and components of application. This is one of the most important features to be introduced in SQL Server. It is because of this feature that the data from one instance is available across several systems in the server. This is of great use in...

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Why We should Set Recovery Objectives before Recovery Strategies?

In this article we discuss the need for setting recovery objectives before we formulate our backup and recovery strategy. Before defining the backup and recovery process for SQL databases in your organization, you need to first formulate your recovery objectives. Key component in Database recovery solutions is the Redundancy of Data. All the transactions taking place in your SQL Server instance are applied to the secondary storage synchronously or asynchronously. During an outage, an online...

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