Going Deep with Architecture of Mailbox Dumpster in Exchange Server

In this article, we are going to see about the architecture of mailbox dumpster in Exchange system. Introduction: The Recoverable Deleted items folder is called Mailbox Dumpster. This folder has many invisible subfolders. They are called as parts of dumpster. Every mailbox is divided into two subtrees, they are IPM Subtree and non-IPM subtree. IPM stands for Interpersonal Messaging. IPM Subtree contains the normal visible folder like Inbox, sent items, drafts etc., Mailbox dumpster and its...

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How to Perform Single Item Recovery in Exchange Server

In this article, we are going to learn the concept of single item recovery and how to perform that method in Exchange system. Introduction: It often happens that the user might unintentionally delete the emails from the mailbox and wanted that to be recovered. There are different kinds of deletion, each one has its own way of recovery. Some might be easy while some kind of deletion is hard to recover. Exchange Admins should go for the backup to recover it.  But that is a tedious process...

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2 Steps to Create Countdown Appointments in Outlook Calendar

By default, Outlook doesn’t support us to create a series of appointments that count down or up to a specific date. So in this article, we will introduce a quick method to create countdown appointments via 2 simple steps. Due to the fact that Outlook has no native support for counting down to a specific date, we have to create countdown appointments one by one. It’s troublesome and time-consuming. Actually we can look for other workarounds. For example, create the countdown items by...

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