2 Functions to Calculate Weighted Averages in Your Excel

Sometimes you will calculate the weighted averages for your data. Here you can use two functions to calculate it quickly. In Excel, you will certainly do many calculations. Among those calculations, you will sometimes need to calculate the weighted average. For example, there are sales volumes of different products. The image below shows the sales volume of one representative. Here you need to calculate the weighted average of different sales representatives. And the weight of different...

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How to Embed a Scrollable Area inside Your Excel Worksheet

If there are a lot of data and information in Excel, it will be cumbersome to view data. Therefore, you can embed a scrollable area in Excel. In the image below, you can see the sales volume of many sales representatives. You need to move the worksheet of you want to check other numbers. Now instead of moving the whole worksheet, you can also embed a scrollable area for this range. Embed a Scrollable Area in Worksheet In this part, we will show you the steps to embed such a scrollable...

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How to Change the Default Settings of a New Excel Workbook

You will certainly make some modifications in an Excel workbook. But changing the default settings according to your need can quicken your work pace. There are four options that you can modify in an Excel workbook. When you create a new workbook, you will see the settings that you have made. Below we will talk about how to change the settings in detail. 1.      Font When you open a new workbook, the default font is “Body Font”. Here we open a new workbook and input a phrase into...

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