How to Quickly Use Your Mouse to Move Contents in Your Worksheet

In your worksheet, you will certainly move contents in one cell to another cell. And here we will talk about how to use the mouse to finish this task quickly. There exist many conditions that you need to move contents. For example, you input the contents into the wrong cell, or you need to move the contents for calculation and so on. In the image below, you can see the column header in cells. You were intended to input the date into column A. And then you need to change the worksheet and...

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2 Methods to Convert KB to MB and Vice Versa in Your Excel Worksheet

Excel haven’t provided direct feature to convert KB to MB and vice versa. Hence, here we will introduce two methods to solve this problem. In an Excel worksheet, you will input numbers with certain units. However, some units cannot participate in calculation, such as the byte unit. For example, you can see the numbers in the image below. There are several numbers with the unit “KB” in this column. On the other hand, it is impossible to directly use a formula to calculate the...

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2 Methods to Make Column Chart More Intuitive by Changing Column Colors in Excel

The column chart is frequently used in Excel. And to make it more intuitive, now you can use the 2 methods to change the column colors. Column chart is the most ordinary chart in Excel. It is always used to display and analyze data and information. In the image below, you can see that there is an ordinary column chart in a worksheet. All the colors of those columns are the same. This is the default setting in Excel. And now you can also change the column colors to make your Excel more...

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