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Why Not Request Read Receipt Lest Unnecessary Worry?

Read Receipt Request is one of special features of MS Outlook. It allows users to request recipients to send a read report as soon as they read it. After sending out an email, we often encounter a situation that we don’t know whether the recipients have read it or not. If the email is very important, we certainly hope they can read it as soon as possible. However, we even could not know whether they read or not, not to mention when they read the email. To this annoying problem, Outlook...

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Configure Outlook to Play a Custom Sound When You Receive a Message from a Specific Contact

In this article we look at configuring a custom sound when we receive a message from a specific contact, say your boss. One of the most commonly arising queries from MS Outlook users around the world is that can they get a custom sound when they receive a mail from a specific contact? Well, MS Outlook does gives a provision to enjoy such a feature that is both time saving as well as entertaining at the same time when you get a customized sound mail alert on receiving a mail from a particular...

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2 Easy Ways to Clean Deleted Items Automatically

In this article I will introduce two good approaches to make Outlook clean up the deleted and expired emails in Deleted Items folder automatically. We always delete the useless emails. But we all know that the deleted emails are not deleted completely. They are just transferred into the Deleted Items. Sometimes we need to retrieve them in order to find some forgotten information. Thus we could find them in Deleted Items. However, to expired emails which are really of no value, we still need...

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