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2 Methods to Enlarge Fonts in Outlook Reading Pane

If the fonts in reading pane are too small for you to read, you would like to enlarge fonts. In this article, I will introduce two methods in detail. If your computer is in a high resolution, you will find that all pictures display more distinct. However, it also has a shortcoming, namely small fonts. The fonts ate too small to read. Therefore, you are better off enlarging the font size via the following two methods. 1.  Adjust Zoom Level of Reading Pane If your reading pane is...

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5 Top Reasons of Outlook Corruption

Outlook earns much kudos due to its diverse capabilities. But it has a deadly flaw, namely its vulnerability. This article mainly looks at the 5 top causes of Outlook corruption. Depending on these reasons, you can take corresponding precautions. Outlook is commonly utilized as a standalone email client. Virtually you can also apply it to manage contacts, arrange schedules and so on. However, despite boasting of numerous functions, Outlook still cannot escape from corruption. To avert...

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