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6 Solutions to Outlook Error “The connection to the server was interrupted”

“The connection to the server was interrupted” error is the most common error when you try to send emails. You can take the solutions below to do away with it. This error can be triggered when your computer is not connected to the Internet. Of course, apart from it, there are multiple other reasons. The followings are relevant causes and effective solutions to “The connection to the server was interrupted” error. 1. Check Your Computer Network Connectivity As a rule, this error...

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3 Methods to Get Rid of Repetitive Outlook Tasks in To-Do Bar

If you encounter the problem that repetitive Outlook tasks show up in To-Do Bar, you can take the following methods introduced in this article to do away with it. On one occasion, I found that repetitive Outlook tasks exist in Outlook To-Do Bar. When I attempt to delete one, the either one will be deleted as well. I am confused about this trouble. Finally, after searching many suggestions on Internet, I conclude the following methods to solve this problem. Method 1: Reset Outlook To-Do...

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How to Insert Smiley Faces into Your Excel to Make It More Interesting

Sometimes small features in Excel can add a lot of interesting to your work. Besides, today we will introduce about how to insert smiley face into your worksheet to make it more interesting. Image that you are facing your computer and do your work by Excel, you will certain feel very tired and boring. However, a small adjustment can change all your negative feelings. And this is exactly the function of a smiley face. Thus, follow us and see how to insert smiley face into your...

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