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How to Line Up Numbers with Decimal Points in Your Word Tables

You may have a column of numbers with different lengths and places of decimal points. By lining up them with decimal points, you can compare them more intuitively. Have you ever needed to line up a group of numbers in a table with their decimal points, so that we can neatly compare them? However, no matter how you do with the paragraph alignment buttons, they just won’t line up correctly at the decimal points. Therefore, to align decimal numbers, such as weight of cargos or amounts of...

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What to Do if Some Unread Emails Disappear in Outlook?

As we all known, the number of unread emails will be enclosed in parenthesis at the end of mail folder name. But if the number is 4, but when opening the folder, you only find 2 mails. What happened? This article is just focused on this issue. I have ever suffered this problem – cannot see all unread emails. I really dislike the persisting number at the end of the folder name in obvious navigation pane. Actually two reasons can pose this issue, namely filtered view and no permission in a...

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How to Quickly Close All Open Outlook Items by One Click

When multiple Outlook items are opened in their own windows, someone is accustomed to closing them one by one. Actually Outlook allows us to close all items via one click only. Every day when I launch my Outlook and check new emails, I prefer to read them in their own windows instead of in reading pane. After finishing reading, I just use one click to close all of them, namely clicking "Close All Items" button. Add "Close Al Items" Command to Home Ribbon Virtually "Close All Items"...

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