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How to Backup Outlook Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar Settings

If you have made multiple changes to Outlook ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar, it is advisable to make backups for these customizations. In this case, you can shift between computers with utmost ease and needn’t fear to lose them. Outlook allows us to export the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar directly by means of “export” button. But apart from it, another method is more recommended. Now read on to get deeper acquaintance with them. Import & Export All Outlook Ribbon &...

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2 Methods to Recover Lost or Deleted Outlook Files

When you delete Outlook files by mistake or the files disappear by no reasons, how can you recover them? This article will introduce 2 quick methods to retrieve them. I’ve ever encountered the same problem. One day, when I started Outlook, I got the error that my PST file is missing and Outlook could not start. Then I checked my backups but found that they cannot make senses due to lacks of multiple new data. But finally I solved this issue after asking my fellow for help. The followings...

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What to Do if Message Window Always Hides behind Main Outlook Window?

Have you ever met the case that message window keeps opening behind main Outlook window whenever you write a new email or reply to a received email? This article will look at how to eliminate this issue. I am using Outlook 2010 in Windows 7 on my computer. On one occasion, when I tried to create a new email, I found that the message window go behind Outlook. I had to minimize Outlook to get touch with my email. It was exactly annoying. Here are some effective solutions to this...

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