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How to Disable Auto Hyperlink and the Default Way to Follow Link in Outlook

With respect to hyperlink in Outlook, there are two annoying issues. One is that Outlook can auto change the internet paths into hyperlinks, like email address, etc. Another one is that only “Ctrl + Click” can follow the link. If you’re also vexed at them, here are the quick solutions. Whenever I enter email addresses in an email, no matter in subject or message body, Outlook will change them into hyperlinks. In this case, many times I might open the hyperlink by accident, which is...

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How to Remove Birthday Reminders in Batches from Outlook Calendar

Multiple users are annoyed with the recurring Birthday reminders in their Outlook calendar. This article will teach you how to leave the birthday appointments alone and remove their reminders in batches. As long as you add birthdays to the specific contacts, Outlook will generate corresponding birthday appointments in Calendar folder. Besides, each of them will come endowed with a reminder, which will pop up from time to time. There if no doubt that that’s really pesky. Now I will...

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How to Find Emails with an Exact Word or Phrase in Outlook

When searching a specific phrase in Outlook instant search, you will get the irrelevant results that only contain one certain word of this phrase. This article will teach you how to rapidly find emails with an exact word or phrase. When I try to find the emails whose subjects contain the specific phrase “Outlook Repair” in a mail folder by instant search, I get multiple uncorrelated emails which only include one word of this phrase – “Outlook” or “Repair”. However, what I need...

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