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How to Auto Organize the Outlook Emails with Senders from Specific Domains

If you prefer to arrange Outlook emails on basis of the varying email domains, here is an effective method to assist you in classifying emails from specific domains to selected mail folders in Outlook. Sometimes, various email domains can represent different companies. Therefore, I am accustomed to managing all incoming emails based on the email domains. Also, so as to simplify my work, I make use of Outlook rules to auto arrange them. Here are the elaborate steps. Auto Organize the Emails...

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3 Methods to Sum the Values of the Same Cells in Multiple Worksheets (Part II)

In our previous article, we have introduced the 2 methods of 3-D reference. And here we will discuss the third method to sum values. The last way is using the pivot table in Excel. And you need some extra steps to create such a pivot table that can also sum values. Method 3: Add the Button Click the small arrow in the quick access toolbar. Then click “More Commands” in the ribbon. In the “Choose commands from”, select the “All Commands”. Then drag the scrollbar...

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3 Methods to Sum the Values of the Same Cells in Multiple Worksheets (Part I)

Excel has provided many features for us to calculate data. Here we will introduce 3 useful methods to sum values of same cells in multiple worksheets. Sometimes in an Excel file, you will need to calculate the total value of certain cells. However, those cells are in several different worksheets. In this image, you can find that there are three worksheets about the sales volume of different sales representative. And now you need to sum up the values of each person in the sheet of...

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